Welcome to the Namibian Maritime and Fisheries Institute’s (NAMFI) admission page! We are delighted that you are considering joining our esteemed institution, dedicated to excellence in maritime and fisheries education. At NAMFI, we offer a wide range of programs and courses that cater to the dynamic and growing maritime and fisheries industry. Our commitment to academic rigor, hands-on training, and cutting-edge research ensures that our graduates are well-equipped for successful careers in these vital sectors. Explore our admission requirements and application process below to take your first step toward a promising future in the maritime and fisheries field. NAMFI provides specialized education that prepares individuals for fulfilling careers in industries vital to global commerce and environmental conservation. As the world continues to rely on the oceans for resources and transportation, the importance of well-trained professionals in these fields cannot be overstated. Graduates of NAMFI are not only equipped with the technical knowledge but also with a sense of responsibility towards sustainable practices, contributing to the health and longevity of our oceans and fisheries.

main courses and short courses:

✔  Diploma in Marine Navigation – FVO (Level 5)
✔  Diploma in Marine Engineering – FVO (Level 5)
✔  Deck Officer Class 5 (Phasing out)
✔  Marine Engineering Class 5 and 4 (Phasing out)
✔  Qualified Deck Rating (QDR)
✔  Qualified Engine Rating (QER)
✔  Skipper Under 25 tons
✔  Quality Management of Fish Handling and Processing
✔  Global Maritime Distress and Safety System – (ROC)
✔  Global Maritime Distress and Safety System – (GOC)
✔  Basic Safety and Familiarisation
✔  Advanced First Aid
✔  Advanced Fire Fighting
✔  Proficiency In Survival Craft (PISC)
✔  Medical Care
✔  Occupational Health and Safety on Fishing Vessel

Admission requirements

Maritime Admission Requirements

Grade 12 with 25 points in 5 subjects, with the symbols as per the following subjects:

Subjects HG SG NSSC
Mathematics 4 C 3
Physical Science 4 C 3
English 4 C 3

Tel: 064-270900 or 064-270928

Short Courses Admission Requirements
Program Requirements
Qualified Deck Rating The trainee shall be not less than 16 years of age.
Under 25ton /Skipper The trainee shall be not less than 16 years of age.
Basic Safety None
Advance First Aid Basic Safety
Advance Fire Fighting Basic Safety
Proficiency In Survival Craft (PISC) Basic Safety
Medical Care Advance Safety

Some exciting career opportunities for graduates


Navigation Officer

- Navigate and operate vessels, ensuring safe and       efficient sea transportation.
- Pursue a career in the merchant or cruise industry.


Maritime Engineer

- Design, build, and maintain ships and maritime structures.
- Contribute to advancements in marine technology and engineering.

Fisheries Manager

- Oversee sustainable fishing practices and resource conservation.
- Work with government agencies in Fisheries Management.

Fleet Manager

- Overseeing and managing a fleet of vessels.
- Ensure the efficient and safe operation of the fleet.

Whistle Blower

All information used is highly confidential and will not be disbursed or revealed in any form. You can also use a pseudo name but please provide a valid contact for any follow-up investigations.