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Maritime Safety

Safety at Sea

The Safety Department is dedicated to training all sea going personnel to ensuring the highest standards of safety for the ship, its crew, passengers, and cargo. The mandatory courses offered under the safety department are: Basic Safety and Familiarisation Training, Proficiency in Survival Craft (PISC), Advanced Firefighting, Medical First Aid and Medical Care.

The Safety Department at also offers tailor-made courses in the fields of Fire Fighting, Personal Survival Techniques, and First Aid. These courses are customized educational programs that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of companies and Individuals and are carefully crafted to address the specific learning goals, preferences, and skill levels of the participants. By tailoring the content, pace, and delivery methods to suit the participants’ specific needs, our tailor-made courses aim to provide a more personalized and effective learning experience.

Responsibilities of a Safety Officer
(who is normally a Navigating/Deck Officer)

  1.  Safety Procedures: Developing and implementing safety policies and procedures to prevent accidents, injuries, and environmental damage is a primary responsibility of the safety department.
  2. Training and Drills: Conducting regular safety drills and training sessions to familiarize crew members with emergency procedures and ensure they are prepared to respond effectively to any situation.
  3. Safety Inspections: Inspecting the ship and its equipment to identify potential hazards, ensure compliance with safety regulations, and address any deficiencies promptly.
  4. Safety Equipment Maintenance: Maintaining and testing safety equipment such as lifeboats, life rafts, firefighting equipment, and personal protective gear to ensure they are ready for use in an emergency.
  5. Incident Investigation: Investigating accidents, near misses, and safety incidents to determine their causes and implement measures to prevent recurrence.

Marine Fire fighting

A fire can be your friend or your enemy. Out at sea when disaster strikes in the form of a Fire on board your vessel it is your responsibility, as a seafarer to deal with it. At NAMFI we simulate real fires and the proper use of fire fighting equipment. Students get exposed to heat and smoke, just like in a real situation.

Survival at sea

Your ship is your safest haven, but when your ship is no longer safe and the order has been given to abandon your vessel…your knowledge, skills and training will count. This is where the safety department arms you with the basic principals of surviving out at sea.

The interesting part of the course is students get to familiarise themselves with a situation which they will find themselves in the event of staying afloat and alive. Students get the opportunity to enter the water from a height, don immersion suits, inflate liferafts and most important to familiarise themselves with the safety equipment available in a survival situation.

First aid at sea

When a medical emergency happen out at sea, it is the responsibility of the Captain to take the necessary steps to provide Medical Care to the injured until they reach the nearest port. The crew is also armed with the basic elementary first aid course which form part of the Mandatory Basic Safety and Familiarization course for all seafarers.

The Department has two areas of operation. The principal area of operation is the Walvis Bay campus and the secondary area of operation is the Luderitz satelite campus.


Training Courses

The following courses are offered in the Safety Department

  • Basic safety and familiarization
  • Advanced Safety Courses
  • Refresher Courses
  • Tailor-made Courses

Whistle Blower

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