NAMFI most frequently asked questions

Where are we based?

The Namibian Maritime and Fisheries Institute (NAMFI) is situated in  1st Street East, No 29, Walvis Bay, Namibia.

Are we a valid and accredited institution?

NAMFI is accredited by the Namibia Qualification Authority (NQA)

Which courses are offered?

We offer different courses under these:
Training departments

How do I apply to study at NAMFI?

NAMFI is inviting prospective students to apply for training programs starting in the first semester. The programs are to be offered in January 2024 for the duration indicated. Download the application form here >

How much does it cost?

For a more accurate estimate, kindly fill out this form.

Do we accept NSFAF?
Do we have student accommodation?

Yes, we have a student hostel in Walvis Bay.

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